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SOLD OUT - Crystal Workshop «Creativity» with Reni Bickel

  • Studio Yogisi 19 Grubenstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8045 Schweiz (Karte)

Crystal Healing
Be Light Vol. 4: Creativity


Let your creativity flow! Crystals channel life force, and activate intrinsic powers of healing, creation and manifestation. In this workshop, you will attune yourself to chosen crystals that awaken the sacral chakra, heart chakra and the creative mind to allow your creativeness to flow freely. We will learn and practice to lay out different crystal grids to stimulate our artistic skills and dissolve any fear or insecurity in our abilities. Crystal grids are geometric and colorful designs of stones that set specific vibrational imprints and help better manifest our ideas, dreams and wishes. 

Topics explored in this workshop:

  • Creative flow and artistic empowerment

  • Sensuality, fertility, creation

  • Energy systems (direct experience with crystals)

  • Creative mind and manifesting ideas

  • Crystal grids: lay outs, guidelines and practice

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About Reni Bickel

Reni Bickel is a yoga teacher and crystal healing facilitator based in Brooklyn, New York. She focuses her work in body awareness, intuition, touch, and movement. Reni was introduced to the world of stones and crystals in Peru and has been trained by the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in New York and in Hawaii. 



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21. Oktober 2019
19–21 Uhr

Der Workshop ist für alle Levels offen, keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig.

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Studio Yogisi
Grubenstrasse 19
8045 Zurich

078 600 43 33

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80 CHF,
*im Preis inbegriffen ein Edelstein Set.

Die Platzzahl ist beschränkt. Dein Platz ist erst nach Einzahlung der Kurskosten definitiv reserviert.

Kurssprache Englisch und Deutsch

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