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VOICE - Chakra Workshop mit Erica Jago

  • Studio Yogisi 19 Grubenstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8045 Schweiz (Karte)



From harsh to eloquent and timid to free. Your voice bridges your inner means and outer expression through creativity and speech.

The technology of Kundalini yoga and mantra meditations tap you into the element of this energy center with sound, providing you with the ability to listen and verbally express your needs, desires and opinions truthfully and authentically.

Bridge your feeling and thinking with mandala making as we take the latter half of class to mindfully arrange elements from nature to characterize what you found in your heart space on day one. 

Author, Teacher and Designer, Erica Jago will weave the yoga practices from her latest book, ANGELUS into your 2-day weekend* experience. With different inspiration activities for your mind, body and soul - practices will range from Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Dance, Ceremony, Healing and Creativity to reinvigorate your personal practices.

*Attendance to both workshops is not necessary but highly recommended to experience the full range of transformation that come when you study the chakras. 


About Erica Jago

Erica is an accomplished yoga teacher, graphic designer and artist who designed and co-authored the groundbreaking yoga workbook titled, Art of Attention with Elena Brower, ranked #1 on amazon.com for design and has now been translated into 5 languages, including dutch.

As a graphic designer and yoga instructor, Erica mostly splits her time between Oahu and Amsterdam, two cities where she has built strong creative and spiritual communities. She just finished her second book Angelus, an experiential chakra workbook that goes beyond the intellectual understanding of the chakras.

Angelus is an experiential chakra workbook that goes beyond the intellectual understanding of the chakras. It presents a proven methodology of emotionally connected yoga and visually powerful art as a means to see and feel your body’s wisdom. Read more…

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22. September 2019
14–17 Uhr



Studio Yogisi
Grubenstrasse 19
8045 Zurich

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CHF 90.-
for VOICE Workshop /
CHF 90.-
for HEART Workshop

CHF 160.- for the whole weekend with Erica

Dein Platz ist nach Einzahlung der Kurskosten def. reserviert.

Die Platzzahl ist beschränkt.

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HEART - Chakra Workshop mit Erica Jago