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Way of Tea + Movement Workshop with Jade and Isabelle

  • Studio Yogisi 19 Grubenstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8045 Schweiz (Karte)

Way of Tea + Movement

Jade Dexter

Tea Ceremony
Join us for an exploration of the elements of Stillness (Yin) and Movements (Yang), through the practice of tea meditation and yoga. In this workshop, we will explore the origin, medicine and wisdom of the plant Camellia Sinensis, a plant teacher that has inspired the taoists and zen buddhists for thousands of years, honoring its meditative and medicinal properties.

Jade will open the space with a tea meditation, to cultivate stillness and inward grounded presence - followed by a interactive session where she will share about the ritual of tea as a daily spiritual practice, from the ancestral ritual to the modern time practice. Together we will flow through the elements of Nature, the connection between tea and meditation, while getting the chance to taste different types of tea.

Stillness will flow into movement exploration with Isabelle, leading us into a gentle yoga sequence. Moving from grounding to fluency and back, we will be working with different techniques inspired from Katonah Yoga© and other traditions, using props as a way of scaffolding the body. Recalibrate and soothe your whole nervous system.

-60 min. Tea Ceremony / Tea as a spiritual practice
-90 min. Restorative Yoga-Movement

About Jade Dexter

Jade is a certified Meditation Instructor, Health Coach and Tea Curator. Since 2010, she has been traveling the world to explore and share the wisdom and medicine of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree and spirit teacher that has inspired the Taoists for health and meditation. She has founded the project WAO TEA in 2016, to shed light on the importance of rituals. Her practice is about creating space to celebrate life, to honor inward presence and the intimate connection that we all share with Nature. With heart and earth infused medicine, she hosts ceremonial tea meditations with the intention to soothe minds, bodies and souls, through the art of cultivating stillness and mindful presence sipping cups of the tea leaves that she has consciously selected and curated in vibrant tea plantations of Asia. All of the selection of her boutique tea line, WAO TEA, are available online.



About Isabelle Stüssi

During family visits in Mauritius Isabelle had her first contact with yoga and Hinduism. At the beginning of her studies in social anthropology and film she started her ongoing yoga journey - on and off the mat. While working for different Swiss film distributors, and as a film buyer she completed her 500 hours yoga training (YA). Her classes are dynamic and influenced by vinyasa yoga. Adjustments of students are key to her. Pranayama and techniques from other traditions and philosophies like Kundalini Yoga or Ayurveda are woven into her practice with a focus on regeneration and healing. Passionated about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda she completed her studies as a Ayurveda health coach. She is the founder and owner of Studio Yogisi. 


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Tea Session + Movement:
Sonntag, 28. Juli 2019,
10.00 bis 12.30 Uhr



Studio Yogisi
Grubenstrasse 19
8045 Zurich



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